Celebrating – Love, as it is.

Celebrating – Love, as it is.

Celebrating – Love, as it is.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re shifting our focus onto the special few who mean the world to us –

This means spending more time loving our partners, our friends, our furry companions, and of course, ourselves. A day filled with flower markets, good music, and laughing over absolutely everything, this is our idea of the perfect way to celebrate love.

9am – Flower market run. 

We’re off plant shopping at the local flower market. It’s a date – spending the quiet morning looking for our next bedside plant.

We found some that we really liked, and we can’t wait to bring them back to our place. Using the time that we have left in the flower market to soak up the goodness of the morning sun.

A slow and gentle start to the morning spent shopping for plants with the person we love, it’s about to be a wonderful day ahead. 

12pm – Exploring new places, discovering new music.

We met our friends for lunch, and explored some new cafes in the area.

We use moments like these to be a little more adventurous – like ordering something new on the menu, or sharing with one another new songs to listen to that we never would have discovered on our own.

3pm – Spending time alone.

Loving your body and mind is so important for personal growth and keeping happy. We’re taking some time off for a little post-lunch self-care, and to recharge our social batteries for the day.

We added some new songs from before, as recommended by our friends, to our music playlist and plugged in for the rest of the afternoon.

Books and comforting hot tea accompanied us for the most part, but it was nice to get lost in our thoughts for a little while too.

6pm – Golden hour stroll with Luna.

Ending off the day with Luna, our favourite Andwelldressed canine, seems like the perfect way to wrap up the celebration of love.

An evening stroll to get some coffee resulted in a lot less of a casual stroll, and a little more of an excited half-run. Luna loves her walks, and going on them with her is also one of the things we really enjoy.

She also loves head rubs. A lot. 

We got to our favourite coffee place just as the sun was setting, and the golden sunlight that fell on the streets was just mesmerizing. We think we’re ready to start making days like this a routine.

How would you spend the day of love with people who mean the most to you?