Living – Orange infused tea

Living – Orange infused tea

Living – Orange infused tea

We find a cup of tea is perfect to have at any time of the day.

A calm start to your morning, a quiet comfort in the afternoon, and a gentle way to wind down right before bed (just remember to get a caffeine-free one for that!).

With Lunar New Year well underway, we decided to include some leftover mandarin oranges into our usual tea routine. The result: a refreshing cup of tea that's perfect to end off an episode of intensive snacking, and also a nifty way to make use of the abundance of mandarins we have sitting at home.

Start with a medium-sized orange and slice it as evenly as you can.

Boil some water and prepare the tea the way you like it. Take the tea bags out quickly after the tea has settled. Steeping them for too long can leave the drink with a slightly bitter aftertaste.  

If you have a sweet tooth like we do, add a touch of honey into your cup before pouring the tea in for that extra bit of sweetness.



Drop a slice of orange into each cup of tea and let the citrus juices infuse. Give it a good stir and voila, a cup of refreshing orange infused tea ready in less than 5 minutes – wonderful as a cup on your own, and even better when shared with a fellow tea-drinker. 

More oranges in our tea? Yes, please.