So you can be who you are,
and well dressed

  • The Story

    It all started when we decided to embark on a quest to create a perfectly coveted wardrobe by offering an eclectic range of clothing sourced globally. But these handpicked pieces did not always tick all the right boxes.


    Transforming from curator to creator in fall of 2015 with a new vision and brand, we now get to experiment with print, shape and texture to build our collections. In other words, we get to decide on everything, from the type of fabric used to the how wide the flare of a dress should be and down to whether something gets pockets (P.S. they all should).

  • Modus Operandi

    We put intentional twists on classic and effortless pieces. Combining current trends with a clean aesthetic, the idea is to retain simplicity while injecting subtle details that add to functionality, and that keeps things interesting. These versatile pieces then come together seamlessly to fit right into your wardrobe and become the items you will reach for over and over again.

  • Experience

    Everyone deserves to be well dressed. So we put a lot of thought into pulling together outfits that suit every mood and occasion, down to the fold of the sleeves and colour of the socks – just so you don’t have to. With an array of necklaces, rings, sunnies, shoes and bags to choose from, you can shop the different looks whole to be effortlessly (literally) chic, or play with our versatile pieces to create something that is undeniably you. So you can be who you are, and well dressed.

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